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911 West Renee Drive P.O. 931 Fremont, IN 46703

(260) 495-9113
OPEN: M-F 6:00am-6:00pm

Toddler's Room


Welcome to the 2's. Ms Caitlin works very hard on making your child feel safe, comfortable and loved along with learning lessons that will be carried with them throughout their education.   Your child will be safe and loved in our room.

  • We are a 5:1 ratio

  • Each week we have a lesson plan that corresponds to our theme for the month

  • We also have a daily routine that includes having snacks and meals together, small group time for art, math, motor skill work etc. and

  • plenty of outside time corresponding to the weeks theme.

  • Full day reports

  • And the room is kept clean.


Snapshots of the Toddlers Busy Day


The Toddler's



There is a lot to smile about in the Toddler Room





Application and answers to your questions.


Little Lambs Daycare and PreSchool

911 W. Renee Drive
PO Box 931
Fremont IN, 46737
P: (260) 495-9113