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911 West Renee Drive P.O. 931 Fremont, IN 46703

(260) 495-9113
OPEN: M-F 6:00am-6:00pm

School Age Room


Welcome to our school aged program for children ages 6 to 12. We have before and after school care throughout the year. The Fremont school bus picks up at 7:30am and drops off them off at the daycare at 3:10pm. We serve breakfast at 7:05 and afterschool snacks at 3:30. They have time to unwind before snacks and then there is an opportunity to do homework for those who choose to take advantage of that. We can also accommodate children on school closing days, late arrivals, etc. We have children enrolled from Fremont and Angola. We have arts and crafts supplies, centers such as block area, drama games puzzles library, etc. We help with problem solving and social skills. When the weather permits you will find us outdoors playing baseball, soccer, kickball and finding bugs, throwing Frisbee, etc.

  • Our Summer Adventure program is a lot of fun.

  • We love that they learn so much without realizing it.

  • There is an element of learning in everything that the children do, including play.

  • We are planning “clubs” this summer, such as cooking, construction, drama, music and other ideas we gather from children.

  • We have fun, hands on science projects as well.

The School Age Room




























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Little Lambs Daycare and PreSchool

911 W. Renee Drive
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Fremont IN, 46737
P: (260) 495-9113